Penis Strength – Why Does the Adult Film Industry Call it “Wood?”

In the Adult Film Industry (the people who make X-Rated movies), the term “Wood” is used all of the time. It’s a word that is an integral part of the industry.

This colloquial term is used to refer to a male actor and his ability to create and maintain an erection. When a man is erect he has “wood.” When a man loses his erection, he loses his “wood.” In the adult-film industry a male actor that can’t maintain or get “wood” is out of a job. It is imperative that he be able to create an erection on demand, keep it erect, and use it for as long as is necessary to finish the scene or film.

It’s not such an easy task to do – Just ask any adult-film star. There are people standing all around and watching you, distractions from every direction; you might be stuck with an actress you’re not so attracted to, film crews, cameras, dollies, equipment, extremely hot lights, directors and producers telling you what to do… It truly takes a talented individual to keep his “wood” during these intense sessions.

Of course, not every man is an adult-film star, but that doesn’t mean he can’t learn how to perform the same. Medical complications aside, all men have the ability to develop “wood.” Wood as hard and as strong as Solid English Oak; and to keep that “wood” for as long as he wants; and as hard as he wants.

The first place to start is to educate yourself on the processes involved on how to improve your “wood.” One simple way is by exercising and diet. Just a simple walk around the block each evening is very stimulating for the blood supply to the pelvis. Blood supply is a key factor in creating and maintaining an erection.